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Tuner - Piano repair
Qualified instructor : Facteur de piano

Importance of piano tuner

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structure harmonique et clavier piano
accord à l'oreille du piano

Dear friends pianists,

Do you know that the piano is one of the rare sure values, unlike other investments (like car) is not devaluing in time if is not well maintained and regularly tuned ?
A piano which is not tuned for long time will deteriorate soon and loose value.

There is another point that I would like to tell you, itís the choice of the piano tuner. If that one can, with a good qualification, diminish illusion from laymen, you will agree with me that a good professional technician who is also a musician, will be preferred and will not be more expensive therefore.

To convince you, think well to what follows. What will be the result obtained with a piano concert even of a prestigious label and played by a virtuoso pianist if his instrument has been given to an incompetent piano tuner! What is the reaction of his musical fan and easy critics!
The answer is obvious, is inconceivable. If the piano tuner is incapable and is not a piano player, he will not be able to do his job properly if his not himself capable to well play pieces of music.